Boitaca, Diogo

Diogo Boitaca (1460-1528)

Thomas Kellner: 15#12 Lissabon, Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (architects: Diogo Boitaca and Joao de Castilho), 1999, C-Print, 26,8x17,6 cm/10,5"x6,9", edition 10+3

Diogo de Boitaca was an architect and engineer of some of the most important Portuguese buildings. He worked in Portugal in the first half of the 16th century.
His year of birth is equally unknown, but is estimated around 1460. He died in Batalha in 1528, but even these data are uncertain.


Important works

Manueline church
The chapter house
Mosteiro dos Jeronimos
Hieronymites Monastery