Dietrich, Jochen

Jochen Dietrich, Siegen, Germany

Jochen Dietrich, Studie zu Voluntários da Patrià, C-Print, 15x10cm, 1999, edition 20
Jochen Dietrich: "Teatro Averise Aveiro", silver gelatine print, 12,6x26,4cm, 1997, open edition, Brauhaus-Fotografie Nr.7
Jochen Dietrich: "Megaliticos IV (Myochtias)",silver gelatine print, 22x11cm, 1996, open edition, Brauhaus-Fotografie Nr.5
Jochen Dietrich: "eins wie's andere", Gummidruck/Cyanotypie, 7x10cm, 1995, edition 33, Brauhaus-Fotografie Nr.4
Jochen Dietrich: "Porto Aveiro", silver gelatin print, 28x7cm, 1994, edition 30, Brauhaus-Fotografie Nr.3
Jochen Dietrich, no title, silver gelatin print, 10x10cm, 1993, Brauhaus-Fotografie Nr.2
Jochen Dietrich: "no title", diazotypie, 28x12cm, 1992, Brauhaus-Fotografie Nr.1
Jochen Dietrich, no title, blueprint, 11x16cm, ca.1992.
Jochen Dietrich, no title, blueprint, 11x16cm, ca.1992.
Jochen Dietrich, postcard, Cyanotype, 15x10cm, 1992.

Images and texts on pinhole photography since 1989, with special interest in the theoretical and metaphorical implications of pinhole as a specific means. Amongst many publications we mention: 1998: Cine-teatros de Portugal (with 50 b/w pinhole images of old portuguese cinemas); 2000: Vom Ansehen der Dinge (a new approach to pinhole in education, with 100 b/w images made by brazilian and german teenagers). Also texts in several pinhole catalogues and cientific journals.

Dr. phil. in Educational Sciences.


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