Im Auge des Sammlers
April 30 - May 7, 2011
Studio Thomas Kellner, Siegen, Germany

Im Auge des Sammlers

The Collector's Eye
April 30 - May 07 2011
Studio Thomas Kellner
Friedrichstrasse Siegen

The collector and his vision of building a collection or simply to be surrounded by art for inspiration, is the theme of this upcoming exhibition.

I am searching for images of my work. This can be either my work framed in an exhibition, or on your wall. It can be at an auction or you with my work in your hands or above the sofa. Everybody who owns a piece of my work is very much invited to contribute a photograph, either digital by email or as a print by real mail. All images together will form an exhibition online on my websites and those that materialise also as prints on the walls of my studio. 


I would be really happy if I could show as many prints and images as possible in this studio exhibition.

I am looking forward to the images and prints that arrive here and to a wonderful exhibition event at my studio.


The collectors Eye: images made by my collectors of my work

Mexico: bookdummies by pupils of local school

auction: selling 10 prints in a silent auction


April 30 - May 07 2011 exhibition open Sat & Sun 3-6pm and b.a.

May 6 day of arts in Siegen

exhibition open 3-8 pm

3pm Jury meeting with Oliver Seltmann, Jacqueline Czogalla, Thomas Kellner and Stefi Markuske

5 pm award ceremony

8 pm end of silent auction


complete programe in the city PDF download >>>

Collection Dantanta Adelt & Sawoe Life Camp, Abuja, Nigeria
Collection Dietlinde Bamberger, Germany
Collection Anne und Jan Behle, Schorndorf
Collection Ingeborg und Hubertus Behle Herdecke
Collection Markus Bittcher, Kreuztal, Germany, showing my Paris Notre Dame
Collection John Blaisdell, San Francisco, USA, showing my 42#15 Golden Gate Bridge at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (photo John Blaisdell)
Collection Achinm Bohn, Siegen, Germany
Collection Marie-Hélène Bordier, St. Remy Provence, France, Fontaine Igor Strawinsky, an early piece from my first trip to Paris
Home of Thomas Brummett, Erdenheim, Philadelphia, USA
Collection Buedenbender Siegen
Collection Fernando Castro, Houston Texas: 33#34 Stonehenge in the exhibition The Collector’s Eye: Peers, September 23 - October 10, 2010, FotoFest Houston, aside of Dani Tagen
Private Collection Germany, showing one of my early Nature Tableaus
Home of Marco Dieckmann, Quebeck, Canada
Collection Dr. Anja Dorst, Fulda Germany: several pieces, like Eiffeltower, German border, Aloe Vera, from the Brauhaus-Fotografie
Field Museum Chicago at B. & E. Dreisbach home
Collection Edelstahlwerke Siegen Germany
Private Collection Siegen, showing the Colloseum at night
home of Birgit and Wolfgang Groesser, Gusterath
Jesco Gruen balancing 2 Siegen images
Mr and Mrs. Dr. Gruen enjoying my Colosseum in the garden
Staircase at Päule Heck's home with my Correos image from Mexico
my blue sunflower in the kitchen of Christa Henneberg
Presentation by in focus Galerie at Cologne Fine Art 2007
Thorsten Junge with The Mexican Basilica de Guadelupe
Collection Anne Kellner, Cologne, showing the Museum Ludwig and Cologne Cathedral
Of course my mother owns several pieces, here a Cyanotype of Aloe Vera
Collection Jürgen Königs, Kreuztal, showing Stonehenge, The Brasilian
Collection Mr. Koetter Siegen, my image of Nicolai Church inbetween works of Uli Bender and Uli Langenbach
Mrs Koetting putting my popes inauguration on her balcony
Collection Georgia Krawiec, Warsaw, Poland, one of my Cyanotyps on the wall
Collection Ferit Kuyas, Zurich
Collection Pierre Le Gallic, Speracedes, France
Collection family Lehmann, Germany
Collection Isabelle & Cortland Lowerison Nice France
Collection Wolfgang Maurer, Galerie Mauerer Objekte, Munich, Several images hanging together with Benesch Design
collection Helga Meise Siegen
Collection Franco Melis Genoa/Italy, showing my Palazzo Ducale
Gesa, Lex and the Eiffeltower in Berlin, photographed by Armin Menzel
Collection Joan Morgenstern, Houston Texas
Collection Jerzy Olek, Poland
Collection Paul Otter Wolvega, Netherlands
Collection Joaquim Paiva, Rio de Janeiro, now MOMA Rio de Janeiro
Collection Karin Puck, Bremen
Collection Vicki Ragan, Babylon, NY, USA, Eiffeltower 2#10 hanging next toa Cartier Bresson, and a Barbara Crane, ("Peoplescape", from the 70's)
Dental Practice Dr. Ruecker, Heilbronn
Collection of Gabriele and Herman Sausen, Reykjavík, Iceland
home of Lili Scheit-Koppitz with the British Museum
Collection Cristin Schmelcher, my Lacock Abbey print from the Brauhaus Portfolios
a Kellner fake with greetings from Chicago, by Guido Schmidt, Frankfurt
Collection-Composition by Ursa Schoepper, Bonn, Germany
Collection Susannne Skalski, Burbach, Germany
Collection Gerd Steinmüller Giessen Germany, two of my 135mm panoramas, hanging next to Ian Anüll´s multiple KGB and an early print by Renée Magnanti
Practice Steinweg, Siegen, Germany, showing a portrait that I did of their daughter
home of Günther Thibaut and Marion Berger
Collection H. Weber Siegen, Germany