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inbetween 2 windows


The set of images was first of all meant as a very first test series for my newly built 6x6 pinhole camera, which I intended to use for my German border project.

As a student working in a former brewery building with its old windows, I was always disapointed about how they had changed it from the inside especially with putting new windows inside and creating these ugly spaces between the old and the new, bewteen the outside and the inside.

These spaces on all 4 floors of the building had become a modern graveyard for all the insects enetering through wholes in the outside woindows attracted by the inside lights at night, and would not find their way out anymore.

Inside and outside, light and darkness, distance and closeness, the blurry and the clear life and death combined themselves so obviuously that I started this project.

The pinhole camera was perfect to highlightenthe theme of space the black and white built the right contrast for the difference of the glaas, some clear, some milky unclear, building the contrast bewteen depth and and no depth but only blank surface of greyness

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