“There is no way to neither classify it as photography nor declassify it as such.”André Corrêa do Lago

Brasília on its 50th anniversary

2005 -2009


thank you to Karla Osorrio and her team at Arte 21 for supporting my work over 6 years. Now we are able to show a keypart of my work on Brasília's 50th anniversary


A non-stereotypical portrayal of the city's monuments is the objective of Thomas Kellner, whose work not only honor the fiftieth anniversary of Brasília, but also the architect Oscar Niemeyer, as most of the pictures relate to the monuments created by him. The curator of the exhibition is the English critic Paul Wombell, that will be in town for the opening. According to him, "Brasília was designed for movement. A city set on a plot that cuts across the savannah in the shape of an airplane. Brasília wouldn’t be modeled as the Brazilian cities or any other city in the world ".
Kellner, who photographs monuments in various countries for more than 10 years, such as France, the United States of America and China, represents the space with reference to architecture. In Brasília, he searches to display characteristics of the city that are suggested by the original project, such as a city designed in the era of the machine, but worried about the human side. Each monument is presented as "a skeleton forming a network of possibilities: the possibility of new constructions, of a new city, of a new world based on a program of social improvement. This is the network of modernity”...
The spatial isolation of most of the buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer is a valuable context in Kellner’s works. The buildings generally are framed only by the sky and the innovative technique gives the impression that the buildings are dancing or falling apart. His works are handmade: it comes from the design of the artist, then the camera scans the building from a point and this is repeated in various films of 36 poses to complete the reconstruction of the photographed image, recreated, click to click. The final result shows images together, in rebuilding the photographed object, that seems to have dynamic and proper motion.



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Brasília - 50 anos de utopia moderna

September 12, 2010 - January 15, 2011

Art Galerie, Siegen, Germany


May 17 - July 25, 2010

ECCO, Brasília, DF, Brazil