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Palacio Itamarity, Brasilia

The first name given to the building was Arches Palace, due to the arches of the facade. However the tradition of the name Foreign Ministry was stronger and the Palace followed by calling the Itamaraty Palace.
Inside, features panels of artists such as Athos Bulcão, Rubem Valentim, Sérgio Camargo, Maria Martins and fresco Alfredo Volpi. The internal and external landscaping is Roberto Burle Marx. In front of the Palace of the Foreign Ministry, on the water surface, is the Meteor sculpture, designed by Bruno Giorgi.

The cornerstone of the palace was released on September 12, 1960, although it was not actually completed and opened in 1970, due to technical difficulties to meet the design innovations.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, also known as the Foreign Ministry, is an Executive branch agency responsible for advising the President of the in the formulation, performance and monitoring of Brazil's relations with other countries and international organizations.

The performance of the Foreign Ministry covers the political, commercial, economic, financial, cultural and consular relations external areas where it has the classic tasks of diplomacy: to represent, inform and negotiate.

Its current headquarters is the Palace of Arcos, located in Brasilia, better known as "Itamaraty Palace," a modernist building designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

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