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title: All shook up

editor (Herausgeber): The Boston Athenaeum

authors (Autoren): Richard Wendorf

artists (Künstler): Thomas Kellner

format: 28×28cm | 11×11inches, 96 pages, softcover

languages (Sprachen): English

publisher (Verlag): The Boston Athenaeum

ISBN 978-0-934552-74-5

published (year): 2008

edition (Auflage): 500

price: N.N.

Known worldwide for his deconstructive/reconstruc­tive architectural photographs, Thomas Kellner was invited to be the Athenaeum's bicentennial artist-in-residence in 2006. His subjects have included such architectural icons as the Eiffel Tower, London Tower Bridge, Arc de Triomphe, Golden Gate Bridge, and Stonehenge. Here, the Athenaeum's Registered National Historic Landmark building at 10  Beacon Street is his subject. Kellner's time at the Athenaeum was spent sketching and photographing the striking interior of the Library for its 200th anniversary. This exhibition showcased 16 large-scale color photographs of the Athenaeum. Also on view were the artist's notebook for the project and a portrait of the Library's director, a rare instance of portraiture by this photographer. The exhibition has an accompanying fully-illustrated catalog with an introductory essay by Boston Athenaeum former director Richard Wendorf.

special edition

All shook up is available signed and numbered with a special edition print , edition 30+3, 690,- Euros

Thank you to Richard Wendorf for his invitation, the inspiration, his trust and support for this wonderful unique catalog.