Curatorial Projects


Future exhibitions in the Siegerlandmuseum 2009

The ASK (association of siegerland artists) is one of the oldest existing art groups in Germany. Its roots date back to the year 1922. For decades, among the members ever were artists who have helped shaping the major art events in the region and also beyond its borders.
The relationship to the city of Siegen and the region was the reason why such a group, that is composed of so different artistic positions and point of views, was able to exist for such a long period of time and work in this successful way.
It is a logical step that the Siegerlandmuseum, the museum of the region located at the upper castle of Siegen, works together with the ASK. After renovations at the Siegerlandmuseum our association was approached by the museum’s director Prof. Dr. Ursula Blanchebarb to present local artists´ works in the new educational section of the museum at the beginning of 2007. My suggestion was: instead of printing postcards, mailing them, to run an exhibition opening to spend this money onto a small catalogue, so every of our artists would have a monographic catalogue, and for most of them would be the first ever in their lifetime.
From 2009 on every year 3-4 members of the ASK will present their works in a part of the museum. And there will be a small catalogue to every exhibition.